Koh Lanta, Thailand

Hatzanda Lanta Resort, Khlong Kong Beach


I found these cute little bungalows on the App Agoda for 370 Baht/night ($10.46 USD/night) on the central weside of the island. A cute Muslim family hosts the spot and their adorable children play in the backyard in the afternoon. Affordable private getaway just a 2 min walk to the beach, 5 min walk to restaurants shops and bars.

The resort offers Wifi in your room, tickets for Snorkeling Tours to surrounding islands, Elephant Trekking Tour and Tiger Cave Tours. It’s the perfect location to visit all sides of the island with a scooter. I rented one for 200 Baht/day ($5.65 USD). We decided to get a hammock for 350 Bhat, just under $10 USD. Ideal for the hot weather and relaxing in the shade. Smoking allowed.




Long Beach, Koh Lanta

    About a 10 min scooter ride from my place. This beach reminds me of the Gulf of Mexico in Clearwater, Florida with its warm, shallow water. The only waves are the little ripples from boats every now and then.

Klong Hi

I found this little bay on a scooter ride down south. There’s a bunch of Thai, European and American restaurants to choose from.

Thai massages are available pretty much everywhere for around 300 Baht ($8.48 USD) for an hour Thai massage. I loved massages back in the U.S. but nothing compares to these ladies skills and the price is a steal. The perfect mixture of reflexology and deep tissue massage, a Thai massage is perfect anytime. They often serve Thai tea when you are done and if you are lucky some fresh fruit too.

Bamboo Bay

We stopped on the side of the road just before getting to the Southern tip of the island where the National Marine Park is located. It’s 200 Baht to enter but we only had a little bit of light left in the day and decided to save it for some Thai fruit shakes for 40-60 Baht ($1.13-$1.69) USD depending on which fruit you want.


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