Dalat, Vietnam

                                               Dalat Marketplaceimg_2713

      I was craving a little mountain air for a temperature change from    Southeast Asia’s extremely hot & humid summer. I grew up in Florida and have been spoiled with California weather for the past seven years, so I was glad to get my fix of air- conditioned skies.

      Da Lat is a cute little mountain town nestled inland about 3 hours from Nha Trang. I ended up going to the market down the street from my place at Dalat YOLO hostel in search of a pair of jeans. I only have three pairs of jeans in the entire world and they are back in Bangkok in storage from when I left the US 4 months ago. The first 3 ladies tried to overcharge me and for Asia my final price was a little expensive: $8. It’s the only pair I’ll buy on this journey and it took forever to find a pair that was long enough for me too. I’m 5’9” which makes me a giant here.

Fresh Fruit Always A Must




   Crazy House

This “crazy”house crawling with tourists snapping photos of unconventional architecture also doubles as a 5 star hotel. The different buildings are connected by twist & turny pathways reminding me of Disneyland, minus the rides.

If you want to go for a walk and look at unusual designs check it out, otherwise I recommend going to 100 Roofs Bar where you can climb through a maze of different tunnels, cave dwellings and pathways.

As soon as you walk in the bar you buy a drink before making your way through the multiple levels; beers were about a $1 which quickly leads to a game of hide and seek. Eventually you make it up to the roof where there’s another bar and seating area. I quickly made friends with a group underground and joined in their game. It’s pretty dark so there’s a good chance you will bump into someone’s game like I did. Want to meet every backpacker in Da Lat at the moment ? Go to 100 Roofs.


The Viet Challenge- Canyoning


        This was a fun little challenge getting wet in the heart of the canyon with some other adventure seekers. Too many lazy beach days makes you crave cliff jumping off an 11 meter waterfall, sliding down a natural waterslide and abseiling down the canyon walls. My favorite was floating down the lazy river.



Tea by Lake at Truc Lam Zen Monastery


         Specialty Chrysanthanum Tea with honey & a view that captures your attention for hours. At the bottom of the garden walk inside Truc Lam Temple where the monks live was this stunning lake that I enjoyed a pot of tea & this beautiful view.

This is the perfect place to do some meditation to help contribute to slowing the world down and appreciating the small but great things in life.


The Monastery gardens were just as beautiful with all the different colors and kinds of flowers surrounding the temples. Some of the monks were doing landscaping and others praying inside the temples. It really is a place of zen.


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