5 Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurants Pai, Thailand

1     Earthtone

Butterfly pea tea & pineapple, mango, coconut, spirulina shake

I ate breakfast at this vegan/ vegetarian cafe pretty much everyday. It had a cute organic shop on the otherside where I restocked on some essentials like lime & kefir shampoo, aloe vera conditioner and Thanaka powder (the Burmese have used this for beautiful skin and a natural sunblock for 2,000 years). They have homemade clothes & accessories, spices, natural body products and homemade hummus, delicious desserts & more.

Breakfast Favorite: Chia seed pudding with bananas, goji berries, chai & coconut milk

Snack: Fresh guacamole dip with banana chips

Lunch: Basil pesto cashew nut pasta and chai tea with coconut milk


2      Good Life Herb and Health

This was another great vegan friendly spot. I enjoyed fresh fruit with muesli here with their variety of herbal teas and also a green curry with a pineapple & basil shake. This is me forgetting to take a photo once again…

…..the remnants.


3      Pai Reggae House Bar

Their vegan menu was small but what I got was amazing: mushroom soup with whole wheat bread, hot chocolate with coconut milk and the tastiest peanut butter balls for dessert. Their seating area was laid back and eclectic with Bob Marley pictures on the walls. Open mic starts at 7pm!


4     Art in Chai

Spring rolls and the best cup of chai with hazelnut. I topped it all off with some vegan chocolate cake and scarfed it down too fast to take a photo yet again. Not a very extensive menu but great atmosphere and music with open mic & poetry reading.



 5      Curry Shack

Vegan friendly spot were I enjoyed the best massaman curry I’ve had in town and a coconut shake. Let my stomach and wallet full with everything coming in under $3 US.




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