Thanaka cream

Burmese Skin Care

Thanaka cream is a yellowish-white cosmetic paste made from ground bark.

It is used by the women of Burma for cosmetic beauty and skin care for acne, whitening and a natural sunscreen. The paste is made by grinding the bark of a Thanaka root on a slate slab with water.

First you rub a thin layer into your skin and neck. Then you can draw all kinds of designs; the most common being circular patches on the cheeks.

I was lucky to find Thanaka powder at a vegan friendly cafe & shop called Earthtone in Pai, Thailand for 60 baht which is $1.73 at the moment.

It has a fragrant scent like Sandalwood and a pleasant cooling effect when it dries. It simply feels amazing and it works. Within a few hours my face was baby soft.

You can wear it around during the day and is very commonly seen to be worn by women and young children. Apply a thin layer at night and use as a mask.


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