Cairo Egyptian Museum


Ancient Egypt was one of the greatest dynasties on Earth. Deciphering their hieroglyphics is like trying to read a page out of a sorcerer’s handbook. These artifacts are thousands of years old and depict a time when spirituality ruled our planet.

Unlike todays  capitalistic mindset, they worshipped the sun, moon and looked to the stars for the keys to the universe.  If only we knew what these writings really meant. Some of them look like the instructions to attain enlightenment, but others I’m left clueless. Here are my favorite ones and my attempts at decoding the messages.



Advancement Into the Next Dimension


My guess is that by becoming a giant he is crossing over into the next dimension in the succession towards becoming a god. I don’t understand where the disassembled giant parts come from or the moon ball, but the little pharaoh standing on top of the giant’s arm is throwing the moon ball off to become a giant.



Reincarnation Stages


This one’s weird. People with different animal heads with the final stage becoming a guy with an alien head. I believe this is a depiction of reincarnation stages but not sure what the alien head guy is doing with his hands.





Overcoming Body Dismemberment Through Ejaculation


Ok…. so you put a giant’s lower half in the magic box and have two women pray while he ejaculates. His sperm flies out of the magic box and he will change into a full body giant. I assume this is what you do when you get separated from your other half and need to be whole again. You can see the little knife hieroglyphics to the left and again on the right.


The Serpent Sorcerer


This one’s straight out of a magic book. The king cobra transfers energy through different animal forms using the moon ball that’s situated on a starfish atop a solar panel looking thing. Yea…I’m clueless.


Ok, I think I figured it out. This is the King Cobra of the Reptilian Aliens aka who made white people because we all know they are not native to this planet. He’s wearing something on his chest that looks like a lightbulb or maybe it’s depicting his energy source. His eyes are transferring energy into the 3rd eye of the pharaoh either creating him or taking him to another dimension. The pharaoh interestingly has no arms like a snake.



Moonball Vegan Spirit


Here we have a pharaoh picking up a magic moon ball and replacing his head with it. The moon ball then sprouts a little plant and his hands look like they have hooves. I believe the moon ball is showing  us that a plant based diet is what we should eat and to “put ourselves in their hooves”.



Wee Man’s Reincarnate

This guy looks like the reincarnation of Wee Man from Jackass. A sarcophagus was used to hold the coffins of royalty or the wealthy to protect the body from deterioration and mutilation. Some were wooden, stone, or covered in golden leaf depending on the time they were made. We were able to see King Tut’s golden sarcophagus but pictures were forbidden. He also had a massive jewelry collection of gorgeous gold and beaded collar necklaces with all kinds of gems, turquoise stones, gold cuff bracelets, lapis scarab rings and intricate gold phoenix designs.

Magic Boxes and Moon Balls


There is a reoccurring theme of switching body parts and heads for animal and moon ball ones. Here we go again with the knives, magical boxes and moon ball heads with plant looking antennas. I haven’t got a clue what’s going on.

Version 2



3rd Eye Chakra Prayer


And then the birds, baboons and people prayed to the magical moon ball atop it’s mystical portal throne. The moon ball sits in between the two eyes of Horus much like the 3rd eye sits between our own. My  guess is they are praying to the 3rd eye chakra.


Return of the Golden Ageimg_5373


Satya Yuga , “The Golden Age” awaits its return. A time when humanity was ruled by  Gods. During Satya Yuga human beings engage in only good deeds. All people were happy and they possessed abilities and knowledge that baffles us today.

We are in Kali Yuga, “The Iron Age” right now and will be leaving it starting 2025 where we will ascend towards Satya Yuga once again.

This is the mysterious frequency in which the universe works. Our ancestors left us clues as to what they knew but we are so disconnected from our souls that we don’t understand any of it. Now I’ll leave you with some alien pictures to ponder.


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