The Great Pyramids of Giza


I finally made it to the epicenter of the ancient world! What people don’t realize is that the pyramids are backed up right next to the city and are not in the middle of the desert like most people think. Many philosophers and archaeologists have their own opinions as to what they were used for, but I believe they were capable of a lot more than we think.

I believe Christopher Dunn’s theory in that the pyramids were used as an energy source, a sort of power plant and possibly a global wifi network- that’s why there are pyramids found throughout the world.

The stones are amazing and cut with laser-straight dimensions. The outside of the Pyramids were encased within limestone that was so precisely and tightly fitted not even a razor blade could fit between any of the huge blocks. White tufa limestone has high insulating properties. This casing likely prevented electricity that was being produced inside the Pyramid from escaping without control.


The stone blocks inside the pyramids themselves are made from a form of limestone that contains both crystal and metal which are excellent electrical conductors. Water from the Nile was pumped into the King’s Chamber, entering underneath the Pyramid through aqueduct looking chambers made of granite, another great conductor and it’s radioactive substance permits the ionization of the air. This would cause pressure and essentially cause the Pyramid to “vibrate” – incidentally there is evidence of water erosion on the floor of the King’s Chamber.

Hydrochloric acid and zinc were poured down through the shafts and then mixed together inside the Queen’s Chamber, triggering combustion. There is evidence based on traces of these elements. The hydrogen gas travelled from the Queen’s Chamber into the King’s Chamber, where the vibrations from the subterranean pool energized the hydrogen atoms, transforming them into a microwave energy beam.

Shout out to Nikola Tesla’s similar discovery thousands of years later in getting free energy naturally from the Earth.


Inside all the pyramids there are perfectly flat and smooth black granite “sarcophagus” boxes, but there was never any evidence of anyone buried in them. There is also a chest found inside the room that was thought to contain canopic jars or funerary equipment but no evidence supports that either. My guess…something goes inside the black granite boxes to make the pyramids work. Each is constructed differently inside which leads me to believe they had different capabilities.


Contrary to what “Egyptologists” preach, the layout of the pyramids were not the result of three king’s enormous egos.The three pyramids of Giza are a perfect reproduction of Orion’s belt.  According to Egyptian mythology, the gods descended from the belt of Orion and Sirius-the brightest star in the sky. They firmly believed beings in the form of humans came from there- Osiris and Isis and they began the human race. Like the three stars, the smallest pyramid is slightly offset to the East. Their orientation to the Nile recreates Orion’s orientation to the Milky Way.


The layout also resembles a computer circuit board with 2 large processor chips. The same mathematics can be found around the world in the Mexican pyramids and Hopi Mesas in northeastern Arizona. They say these are places where they can make contact with the gods.

If you look at Sumerian, Egyptian and Mayan cultures you’ll see the same story in different ways and languages, “Those from the stars came here and started human civilization” and they all had to do with the constellation of Orion. We need to start looking to Orion for the answers in regards to our origin and purpose in life.

There are old traditions saying the Great Pyramid was constructed by a Pharaoh with the name Saurit which in the Hebrew is Enoch. Enoch is a prophet in the Old Testament that clearly says: I met extraterrestrials. The writings in the book of Enoch say he was given the order to build a monument which cannot be destroyed by thousands of years in the future. The pyramids were built by humans with the assistance of the guardians of the sky aka “extraterrestrials” aka “The Gods”.



Carved from a single block of stone, the Sphinx was originally found covered in the sand up to it’s head. Secret passages and rooms lie underneath.The features of the sphinx’s profile have been described as both negroid and female. Sir Norman Lockyer suggested that the image of a half lion, half woman aspect symbolised the junctions of the constellations Leo and Virgo which occurred at a summer solstice in the fourth millennium BC. The nose has been knocked off by Europeans to try and disguise the fact that Africans were responsible for building this Great Wonder of the World.


The top of the 2nd pyramid has an additional layer covering the top like shingles that once existed down the entire pyramid at one time. It is believed it could have been painted in gold leaf and could be seen twinkling in the sunlight across the desert.


Haha look at the camel smirking…



The Sphinx Guest House


img_1116We stayed at the Sphinx Guest House which had this amazing view of the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx. You can watch the free light show every night on the roof. They light up the pyramids and Sphinx  different colors playing a theatrical soundtrack. You can literally sit on the roof all day captivated by the view. It’s absolutely breathtaking. This was the most expensive place I have stayed in during my travels coming in at $25 a night, but since we were only staying a few nights it was well worth it.



















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  1. Alexis
    This is beautiful and what a life changing event for YOU! I’m loving the information and photos you are sharing! Your mom would be so proud of your adventures. And you are so much like her. Love you and miss you all! Xoxo


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