Yin Yoga at VAYU Kitesurfing Resort, Talaimannar, Sri Lanka

DSC_0042I had the pleasure of teaching Yin Yoga at VAYU Resort in northern Sri Lanka in the small city of Talaimannar. The resort is built near a lagoon on the ocean with perfect kitesurfing conditions and I taught the evening yin yoga session, stretching out the surfers bodies and relaxing their mind from the fun filled windy days on the beach.

This was my very first yoga gig after graduating from my 200 hour teacher training I completed in Goa. I had not heard of Yin before this time and I absolutely fell in love with it. Yin helps to release the fascia that is found all throughout your body. I had never heard of fascia before this either. Yin is truly remarkable and helped me with my body tightness even more than any Yang practice like Hatha, Vinyasa or Ashtanga. It’s also a wonderful meditation practice for the mind.


I incorporated some Qi Gong techniques as well as pranayama and guided meditations with each class. Every class also had a different theme like one for the chakras, stillness of the mind, the elements, etc..

I felt so blessed to be able to teach at such a beautiful location. We had the sunset as a backdrop every night. Yin is so relaxing and helps to release emotions within yourself. Sometimes you may even cry during a class and not know why. Our bodies store our memories in different areas and can arise through the different yin asanas. This is something I love about Yin but may be uncomfortable if you are not prepared for it.

Expressing our feelings and love for Yin…



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